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Blinds v Curtains Costs, is there that much difference?

If you have a tight budget you could create your own curtains and that would keep costs to a minimum instead of choosing vertical blinds.

To create your own curtains you would need patience and creativity because curtains require straight stitches and a steady hand on a sewing machine. Even without a sewing machine, you can still create curtains of your own; a beautiful no-sew curtain is possible with the use of basting tape ironed on the fabric to create the seams. This may provide you with sets of home curtains that can be a simple DIY project to do in your spare time.

Vertical Blinds on the other hand could be at a disadvantage in terms of colour because they're mostly limited to neutral and pastel colours. However, this is changing with greater varieties of colours and patterns being introduced. Curtains for the time being still give you innumerable colours and designs to choose from.

It is easy to see how you can personalise your curtains by mixing up colours and fabric textures for a unique and attractive item. Patterns and prints are also options, especially if you choose to make your own curtains. Your choices are only as narrow as the selection in the fabric store or through searching the Internet you can access almost any colour or fabric.

Remember that fabrics and designs that you choose can make or break the look of your room or space. Always try to pick colours that match important furniture and other items like rugs. Even taking this into account it doesn't mean having everything in a limited colour spectrum. For variety, you could get different colour design items and then tie those in with similarly colour curtains to achieve a little balance in the room or space.

There are a variety of reasons why you'd want to use curtains instead of blinds for your windows. Apart from being easy to create and customise even for a beginner, curtains can give cohesion to the visual elements of any space. Whether it's a personalised no-sew curtain or a shop-bought ready-made one at the end of the day, you'll still get all of a curtain's advantages.

From the evidence above it would appear curtains far outweigh blinds as a simple, cost effective option. However this appears to be a sweeping statement, it will always will come down to the individual’s perception on how your home should look, appear and feel. Whilst curtains to provide that variety and apparent low cost solution, New Vertical blinds can look extremely stylish and give your home that ‘little extra’ which curtains may not provide.

Replacement Vertical Blind Slats

  • Pricing Prices start £1.59 per 89mm slat for White and £2.60 for 127mm slat. All Other colours 89mm £2.35, 127mm £2.85 per slat ( Any drop / length to 8ft / 2438mm )

  • Delivery / Postage Costs starts @ free for orders over £25.00 or £3.00 to have your blinds sent via Parcel Force insured, see Delivery costs on our Products page. | UK 1st Class Mail

Vertical Blind Slats / vanes

So now you know how to replace your Vertical Blind Slats all you need to do is choose your colour and we will have your new Slats with you in a matter of days.

Vertical Blind - Colours


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Vertical Blinds Slats - Size
We can supply the two popular widths, 89mm and 127mm in any length you require. Should you require lengths/drops over 8ft 2438mm please see our Contact Us page