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What’s So Special About Vertical Blinds in Office Environments?

Blinds are often associated with modern design themes in the workplace. In fact blinds have been practically used in one form or another for many years and technically some designs of blinds have as much in common with shutters as they do with curtains. For many of us though, it would now seem unusual for us to find curtains in use in office block windows. Blinds, particularly vertical blinds have proven themselves to be a much more economical proposition, particularly where there are a lot of windows to fill. Blinds provide a great deal of uniformity and symmetry in appearance. This can be particularly important in business settings where a tidy, ordered appearance can have a positive impact on perceptions of the company from those in the surrounding environment and for those coming into the office e.g. customers, potential customers, and potential employees. Maintenance and cleaning on a large scale can be a significant cost in a large, multi-floored office. Vertical blind slats can easily be removed and cleaned or replaced if they become dirty or are damaged. In many cases, vertical blind slats can be made of washable fabrics and materials. High quality vertical blind slats are stitched rather than glued, so this can make them much more durable anyway.

Vertical blinds allow large amounts of natural light into the room across the whole surface of the window. In large office buildings, this can have a significant and positive effect on the energy bills, because less artificial light is needed in the office. Vertical blind fittings are quick and easy to install, so offices can be very quickly kitted out with blinds e.g. with office refurbishments or when opening new offices.

Operation and control of modern vertical blinds are extremely easy for most people. This can save time in the office, and can make sure that each person has just the right amount of natural light for them to carry out their job effectively, efficiently, and safely.

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Replacement Vertical Blind Slats

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